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The co-Directors have over 25 years experience recruiting the right staff for clients in Media, IT and Medical HealthTech and Public Sector. From office support staff including GDPR savvy administrators and Office Managers to Data Protection Officers, IT Managers, Data Science Executives, – Analysts and Security and Compliance Managers, Project Managers and Regulatory Officers.

We spend time with our clients assessing and listening to your needs and conduct face to face interviews with our candidates. We pride ourselves on ‘getting it right’, saving you time and saving you money. Use our expertise, call us and experience the difference.

Our History

Amber Associates was originally founded in 2001 by Joanne James.  After working for the leading High Street agencies, Joanne sensed that many clients and candidates had become disillusioned with the recruitment industry and in particular recruitment agency reliance on sheer weight of numbers to fill a single vacancy.

Joanne felt that a more personal service was the answer. A full member of MREC with then, 7+ years recruitment experience and 10 years in management, Joanne was ideally placed to bring this vision to life and built a successful agency until 2010. Since then Joanne has diversified into Business Coaching and Training and is now back in the sector she loves. Jo is a published author with her seminal sales planning and motivation book-Make your Monday’s Matter (available on Amazon jan 2019) Mark also now brings his 20+ years commercial technology sales and recruitment experience to the business and has most recently been consulting around Data Privacy compliance to GDPR standards, for various UK and US clients.

Amber Associates is built on the belief that every client and every candidate are unique. Our core values are:

Ethical recruitment & best practice

A tailored/flexible service

Right person for the right job

Excellent value for money

By sticking to these values, Amber Associates consistently delivers a vastly more effective recruiting process than its competitors. Many of our clients call it an “amazing service.”

It’s this fresh, honest approach which makes Amber Associates different. Whether you are recruiting high-value staff to enhance your business or looking for a new position, register with us now to experience that difference. E-mail Joanne or Mark or call us on +44 (0) 7973 318 137 to discuss your recruitment needs.

Other HR services

Amber Associates’ directors and strategic partners can provide a range of HR and training services. You can trust Amber Associates to maintain your reputation and values. Consider us an extension of your HR function. Our services include:

Training programmes and Executive Coaching – developing your staff boosts morale and brings bottom-line benefits. Individual reports for line managers and follow up sessions for delegates ensure that the lessons really stick and progress is made. 

GDPR staff training to the required standards for UK Data Protection Act 2018

Redundancy situations – supporting those facing redundancy protects your business reputation and improves the morale and performance of those who remain.

Exit interviewing – finding out why your staff leave helps prevent costly staff turnover and alerts you to potential team-building opportunities.

Emotional Intelligence – a comprehensive report on an individual’s problem-solving skills and approach to work provides valuable insight for your HR and line managers. The candidate will be able to improve their communication skills within your organisation for future growth and development.  

To discuss your HR needs, please email Joanne or Mark or give Us a call on +44 (0)7973 318 137


“I met Jo 6 years ago at a time in my life where I was very unsure which path my career was going to take. I had applied for many different jobs and dealt with numerous agencies but Jo was the first to take real interest and invite me to her office for a meeting.

She was determined a role with Affiliate Window was the right fit for me and I’m eternally grateful as I have now been at the company for 6 years, progressing from junior support technician to my current role as COO.

I cannot recommend Jo highly enough. She introduced me to the most ideal company and perfect career. I’ve never looked back.”

Adam Ross COO, Affiliate Window


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We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality service possible.